Each of us fighting to win an impossible battle

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I see him
I know him
His ploys
His maneuvers
His wishes
His secrets

I’ve known him
For as long as
I can remember
He knows me
Just as well
As I know

I’m fond of him
He’s familiar
As much as
He’s been a foe
He is my
Closest friend

I smile at him
He smiles back
At me
Honest, genuine

Wherever I go
There he is
I wonder
I ask myself
Why have we
Never joined forces
Worked together

We remain separate
Two sides of
The same coin
The divide
Between us
Based on false
Assumptions of
Differing values
Differing goals
What if
We put our

The Dance With Our Dreams

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As fast as you can
It’s coming for you
A never ending chase

Hide, quick!
Before it finds you!
Make sure you’re not seen
You don’t want to be found

What would you do if you were?
You wouldn’t know what to do
It’s safer to stay hidden
Trust me.

Most of us would rather it be this way
Just carry on with life as is
But be careful
It’s watching you
It’ll jump out when you least expect it

Come over here
Join this crowd
Do whatever they do
To fit in
And stay hidden…

And why it’s Important to Consider Using it More

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I bring my son to school, “Hey Buddy, how are you?”
A teacher says to a child: “Buddy, come here please”
A child, playing on the playground hurts himself: “Buddy are you okay?”
You and your child meet up with your friend and they say hi to your child: “Hey Buddy!”

Now, these are just a few instances in what I imagine are countless examples. Let me clarify that in each of the above lines not one of those children’s names is Buddy.

Why Does This Matter?

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any…

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Are you dizzy from information overload with all of the how-tos, hacks, recipes, and life-changing formulas?

10 Steps to Lose 10lbs in Two Weeks

3 Strategies to Find Your Dream Job

7 Ways to a Better Relationship

5 Ways to improve this or that

You get the picture. The number of articles you can find with headlines like these seems endless.


Why is there such a multitude of ways for this and for that? That is because people have tried different methods and they are simply sharing what has worked for them.

Let’s look into two of the keywords…

Photo by Arthur Ogleznev from Pexels

We’re always waiting for the end.

Where did we go wrong? Can we blame Friday? Did it start with TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday? The truth is it’s not just Friday we’re waiting for.

I was reminded of this recently by my five-year-old son. Having been in school since September, he’s already recognized the program the rest of the teen and adult population are on: how many more days until Friday?

Then, once he learns to tell the time, it won’t just be Friday he’s looking forward to; it will be the time school ends each day. At that point…

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Ahhhh, the easy life. Wouldn’t it be great? Isn’t it our subconscious goal? Maybe even our conscious goal? To get to the end of the hard road so that we can coast through life.

Isn’t that why millions of us buy lottery tickets each week? We imagine that with millions in our pockets, life can become one big permanent vacation. We can live on a beach somewhere, sit back, drink, and tan and bask in the glory of the easy life. We might even imagine we have the perfect body, with the perfect partner, perfect children, and perfect weather. …

Hey Mike,

What a great perspective and tool to use for habits and tasks!

You hinted at the idea of preparation at the end. Could you add the idea of 'preparation drafting'? My one idea related to this has to do with running or really any type of exercise. Let's say you decide you want to get up early and get in a run or workout before work. Well, the night before you get all of your run/workout gear ready and laid out (including shoes) beside your bed so that you, as you said, link getting up to running/working out. The idea being that going to bed becomes synonymous with getting prepared for the morning activity as does waking up with the act of working out in the morning.

Thanks again!


I really enjoyed your article Bradon. You provided some insightful perspectives that broadened my own, so thank you. I like the idea of art being the first step. It does have incredible value and ability to bring people together.

A thought I'd like to add is the importance of creativity as an essential aspect of art. I feel as though a large percentage of the population is disconnected from art as they are disconnected from their own creativity. We don't see a way forward in our own lives and feel trapped by life's routines. By connecting to one's creativity and curiosity, a path for life can open up to us along with a connection to something more in life.

Art is able bring together people because it speaks to the underlying connection of what is deeply shared between individuals.

Thanks again!

Hi Ikhya,

Thanks for sharing your insight into the issue of people pleasing. The ideas you presented makes me think about one important thing people either don't do enough or don't do it at all. It's something that we may not have even learned. The importance of setting boundaries.

If we're unsure about how to act in situations or aren't happy how we did act in situations then it might be helpful to take a pen and a piece of paper and reflect about the situation and what we didn't really appreciate about it.

We need to decide what we're…

Mike Orsini

Life’s about exploring what you’re capable of, then going further. @StickToYourCore www.sticktoyourcore.com

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