Hi Ikhya,

Thanks for sharing your insight into the issue of people pleasing. The ideas you presented makes me think about one important thing people either don't do enough or don't do it at all. It's something that we may not have even learned. The importance of setting boundaries.

If we're unsure about how to act in situations or aren't happy how we did act in situations then it might be helpful to take a pen and a piece of paper and reflect about the situation and what we didn't really appreciate about it.

We need to decide what we're willing to put up with and what we aren't, otherwise 'others' will continue to take advantage of us and we will feel like people keep on walking all over us. However, we need to take responsibilty because WE are the ones allowing these things to happen. We can't rely on other people to change. We can only rely our changing ourselves and deciding what is important to us and what we're willing to put up with.

Thanks again.

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